The People want Progress
Florida Democrats want to win elections. We want to unite every registered Democrat and those yet to register. Dwight Bullard has a history of fighting for issues that matter. He stands out in a crowded field  as the one person who has successfully been elected, and re-elected and has actually served the public.

The People want Authentic Leadership that connects the hearts and souls of our party with action and progress that we seek. They want a leader who will reflect and respond to the people they serve, something that is so urgently needed in our Democratic Party.

The People want Dwight Bullard who knows how to stand up and fight for those who often have no voice. He has demonstrated this when many others simply did not respond or show up. He knows how to take action to energize and organize those not being heard. He understands how to rally small donors into a large collective voice that is both powerful and effective. Our County DEC’s need a hands-on Chair, one that is in constant contact with the leadership and members to both listen and act. Dwight Bullard is the real deal and his inspirational leadership will bring a new vision and direction that Florida Democrats need to win!

Learn more about Dwight’s vision for the Florida Democratic Party here.